Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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Selling the Arts in the Digital Age

This is an amazing time for both artists and arts organizations.  It has never been easier to build relationships with patrons using the latest technology--blogs, virtual press releases, email campaigns, video news releases, and more--the digital revolution has given arts marketers the tools to increase audience attendance, as well as to increase arts awareness through internet public relations.


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Lessons in Internet Arts Marketing and PR

1      7 Habits of Effective Public Relations Experts

This lesson provides a quick overview of the 7 essential habits needed to be an effective public relations guru.  Think of them as a basic primer for your PR duties.

2      Writing Copy that Sells and Gets Published

Encouraging arts patrons to attend your organization is the goal of every Arts Group. Writing effective copy for your ads, brochures, websites, press releases,  and other marketing materials plays a key role in turning potential customers into paying audiences.

3      The Top 10 Mistakes of Arts Websites

In today's world, there is nothing more important to public relations then your website.  It is your sounding board that allows you to communicate directly with your patrons--so what is your website saying about you?

4      How to Create a Succesful Email Campaign

From understanding can-spam laws, to making certain your message gets delivered, email is a very important weapon in the Arts Marketer arsenal.

5      Image is Everything

Why do some photos get run in the papers, and others ignored.  What makes a good logo for a show or performance?  In this lesson we'll discuss Photos, Logos, and Design for your Arts Organization.

6      Microwooing: Creating Arts Relationships

Data mining for new customers on the web is not as tricky as you might think--forget trading lists with other organizations, lets look at how we can dive deep into discovering where our potential customers are lurking.

7      Changing Channels: Blogs, Podcasts, RSS, and Online Video

Gone are the days when Arts Marketers had to rely on television and print to carry their message. Now, you can send your message directly to the consumer through new techniques such as blogging, online video, RSS, podcasting, and more.

8      Social Networks and Online Community

Online marketers are slowly discovering that people don't want to just use the web for information, they want to provide it as well. From reviews to tips, news and articles, some of the most successful websites focus on their community for content.

9      Going Viral, Going Mobile

Viral Marketing was first coined for Hotmail, which included their little tag at the bottom of each email message--now Viral Marketing is one of the most sought after phenomenas on the web. But are they truly accidental, or can they be planned? Also, how can patrons take your information with them on the road?

10      I've Been Thinking About the Future

Technology seems to be upgrading at the speed of light, lets discuss some new trends on the horizons--and what new technologies will change the face of marketing the arts.