Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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Lesson: 10

I've Been Thinking About the Future

Technology seems to be upgrading at the speed of light, lets discuss some new trends on the horizons--and what new technologies will change the face of marketing the arts.

Patrons are the New Creative Directors

Brands that create a process of discovery drive passion and ownership of the brand. Consumers like being the creative director and feeling in control of shaping the products and brand. Born from consumers' desire to differentiate themselves from the mass market, this trend toward customization will continue to grow with read more »

Patron Cynicism

We have become a nation of cynics when it comes to marketing.  We have been trained not to trust the news (being told they have their own agenda), the bloggers, advertisements, or even reviews (which can be purchased.)

With consumer cynicism about marketing at an all-time high, arts groups must cultivate authenticity read more »

Multitasking and Info Overload

In a 2005 Redbook magazine poll of 1,000 women, a majority actually preferred time to money. In our info-saturated, multitasking lives, time is the new currency. 

Why such an increase in devices such as Tivo or IPods? The simple answer is because they are Time-Shifting devices--they give us what read more »

Stay Human

The arts are a "human" experience. It is the live interaction between the artist and the audience. As our society moves more and more towards technology, the arts will be more important then ever.

To help illustrate this point, I wish to talk about a production of Big River.  read more »

The Aging of America

The aging baby boomers, will completely redefine what "old" and "aging" means.

With the average American now living about 30 years longer than 100 years ago, what's considered old? What's considered middle-aged, for that matter? If your arts group rely on the stereotypical notions of older as an uncool, has-been read more »

Social Media is the Key to Attracting an Audience

It's hard to imagine that Facebook has only been around Since 2004.

Facebook is an Arts Marketer's dream.  An application that 20 years ago we could not even imagine.

The brilliance of Facebook Platform is that it greatly expanded what people could do on social networks. The problem is read more »

Active Participation

If the internet boom has taught us anything, is that people want to participate in the world around them.

Whether actively creating content such as blog posts, tweets, or status updates -- or even video and audio files -- there seems to be an overwhelming desire to "share
read more »

My Final Commandments

We have gone all over a great deal of material in the past 10 weeks, so here is what I want you to remember for successfully selling your arts group online.

1) Keep Calendar Listings Up to Date

2) Make Sure Anyone Who Speaks with the Public
read more »