Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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Lesson: 1

7 Habits of Effective Public Relations Experts

This lesson provides a quick overview of the 7 essential habits needed to be an effective public relations guru.  Think of them as a basic primer for your PR duties.

Habit 1: Keep those Calendar Listings Up to Date

They are boring, dull, and probably the MOST important job of the Arts PR Guru.

I am speaking of Calendar Listings, affectionately known as the ABC listings. Nearly 90% of your day of single ticket sales are going to come from a patron trying to find out "what is going read more »

Habit 2: Organize Your Information

Just the Fact...Sheet

As the PR Person for your Arts Organization you are expected to have the answers to just about....everything.

• What was the name of that conductor who did that new piece back in August?
• How many subscribers do you have?
• Is your Artistic read more »

Habit 3: Nobody Talks to the Media without You

The Cone of Silence

When anybody joins your organization, whether it is simply a visiting lecturer, or your Artistic Director, they need to be informed in no uncertain terms that:

All contact with any media or outside media source must be approved by our Public Relations director. Failure to do read more »

Habit 4: Always Be Reading


Part of your ever expanding job in PR is to keep up with the various media outlets in your area.  This used to be much easier before the arrival of the internet.   Perhaps your audience has discovered a new bog, or attraction site--or a whole new social network.

read more »

Habit 5: Make Contacts

Make Contacts...Keep Contacts

In habit 4 we talked about writing a reporter to give them your opinion about an article, and to make a contact.  That's one way to increase your press list, but here are some others:

• Invite some press members for a tour of your facility read more »

Habit 6: Be a Zealot

My favorite PR anecdote goes something like this:

A public relations director is holding a press conference to announce a new show.  All of the press is there and ready when he receives a phone call telling him that his wife had just passed away.  When one of the reporters read more »

Habit 7: Make A Plan

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. "
Dwight D. Eisenhower

 Although you will occasionally have to "wing it" in Public Relations, nothing beats a solid Public Relations plan for getting your message out and on target.  A successful read more »