Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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Lesson: 2

Writing Copy that Sells and Gets Published

Encouraging arts patrons to attend your organization is the goal of every Arts Group. Writing effective copy for your ads, brochures, websites, press releases,  and other marketing materials plays a key role in turning potential customers into paying audiences.

My First Lesson in Getting Published

The best PR lesson I ever had came from a cranky reporter in Richmond, Virginia.

I was a young Public Relations Associate for Heritage Repertory Theatre, and I had called to "pitch" this reporter on seeing our production of  The Show Off.  This happened several years ago, but the conversation read more »

Press Releases: Thinking like a Reporter

Lets understand the basic rules about most reporters, bloggers, and basically anyone in the media:

• The Media could care less about helping you.
• The Media are hassled all day by PR people and they're pretty much sick of it.
• The Media does not care about read more »

Making the Pitch

So, you have a story do you?  Wind up, and get ready to make your pitch.

First, you've got to find out who the appropriate editor or writer is at the media you are attempting to land. This may be as simple as hitting an email link at the bottom read more »

Writing for the Web: Micro content

Little things mean a lot. Especially online.

Micro content — or the headlines, decks, subheads and other "small" pieces of Web copy — actually do most of the communicating on your Website.

Handled poorly, micro content can confuse and frustrate Web read more »

Writing the Dreaded Blurb

Probably the most important words you’ll ever write for your arts group are *blurbs*. These are the tight summaries that define your work for brochures, postcards, posters, letters, email blasts, grant summaries, calendar listings, sponsorship proposals…

Without an attractive blurb or teaser, there's little reason for anyone to cast a glance at
read more »

Video News Release (VNR)

Too often Arts PR Directors concentrate on the printed press, which is a bit silly since people who are reading the arts press in your community are probably already well aware of your production/gallery.

The real gains to be made in public awareness for your production are on the video read more »

Headlines Build Clicks

From copywriters, to marketers, to journalists and bloggers, there are many web workers who can benefit from learning how to write headlines that attract readers. Sometimes, the web seems like a sea of headlines, all competing for which one people will actually click on. Also, it’s widely known in the read more »