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Lesson: 4

How to Create a Succesful Email Campaign

From understanding can-spam laws, to making certain your message gets delivered, email is a very important weapon in the Arts Marketer arsenal.

Why use Email at All?

Why collect email addresses at all from your website?

• Extremely Cost Effective, Pennies per Message
• Targeted Customized Offers
• Instant Gratification for the Marketer
• Next to Telemarketing, the only other active medium.
• Ability to be stored or sent for later.
• Exceptional Evaluation Reporting
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How to set-up an Email Campaign

There are two variations, out of house (a service) or in-house.

Out of House Services
($30 a month for 20,000 emails)
(Unlimited email, charge by Subscriber)
(Charges by Email, Unlimited Lists)

A) Good for a low cost solution
B) Very hard read more »

Building Your Email list

How to build your email list from your organization:

• Train your box office to ask for Email Addresses
• Insert email Address slips into programs or gallery maps
• Activate a “Send to Friend” Feature on outgoing emails
• Create a Sign Up Computer Terminal in your Building
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Beat the Spam Filter and Get Read

All emails go through a user series of tests.

• Spam filters on the server side that “score” each email to see if it should even be delivered.
• If it gets through the Spam filters, and into the in box the user reads the subject line.
• If read more »

It's All About SUBJECT and FROM

For your email to be effective, it must be read.  And before your email is read, it is examined by the user before they open it.  For that they use two metrics--what is the SUBJECT and who is it FROM.

The Subject Line
• The Subject Line is the read more »

Design Your Email

So you have your email list, and you have created a great subject, now comes the time for you to design your email.  Most of the time you will have to create two versions--a TEXT ONLY version as well as an HTML version.

Design Tips

1) Your read more »

The Can-Spam Law

The Can-SPAM Law

The Can-SPAM law is actually quite vague, and has very little teeth in terms of prosecution.  But, it really has three main “features” that should be obeyed:

Anyone can request to be taken off your list—and you must honor this request within 10 days.  Every email sent read more »

Sending your Email

Send Dates and Times to send your email

Best times/days for Emails to be read:
1 PM to 3 PM
Tues, Wed, Thurs

• Inbox tends to be clean.
• Most people use work accounts.
• There is an lull-after lunch when they are not quite ready to read more »

Email Campaign Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to split your lists—and try different tactics to see which has the better response.

• Don’t get into the habit of “sending out a newsletter” each week just because you can. Make sure the news is interesting to the user. Usually by the third read more »