Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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Lesson: 8

Social Networks and Online Community

Online marketers are slowly discovering that people don't want to just use the web for information, they want to provide it as well. From reviews to tips, news and articles, some of the most successful websites focus on their community for content.

Popular Websites

According to Alexa, which tracks usage statistics for websites, as of Nov 2010 the top 10 visited  websites in the US are:

Full List:

What is fascinating about this list is that out of these top 10 sites (and we are talking billions of visitors) 6 of read more »

The Fear of the Public

I'll never understand it.  I have had this argument with arts marketer's across the country, and I will go to my grave believing I am correct.

Arts groups will send out invites to local critics, woo them to come see the exhibit/performance and hope for a good review.  And read more »

Tools for an Online Community

We have already gone over how to create and maintain a successful email campaign. But it bears repeating here in read more »

Tips For Building an Online Community

Users Draw Other Users
As the owner, leader, and/or community evangelist, it's your job to attract users. The standard promotional approaches (search engines, word of mouth, submitting links to other sites) apply. This is the easy part. Making sure the right people stick around is harder. In a healthy community, read more »

Video for Web 2.0

Is Social Networking a Fad?

Great Web 2.0 Video--understand 2.0 in less then 5 minutes.

read more »

5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page

1. Networking with other platforms

Building a large following requires a network of other platforms, working in conjunction to drive visitors to your fan page. One brand that does that well is Victoria’s Secret with their PINK line.

As you can see, on their PINK read more »


read more »


Ideas for How to Use Twitter for Marketing & PR

  • Engage your CEO in social media.  Social media is a great way to have a conversation with your market and make and mange connections with prospects, customers, bloggers and other influencers.  But for a CEO, the typical routes to read more »