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Habit 2: Organize Your Information


Just the Fact...Sheet

As the PR Person for your Arts Organization you are expected to have the answers to just about....everything.

• What was the name of that conductor who did that new piece back in August?
• How many subscribers do you have?
• Is your Artistic Director worried about the upcoming budget cuts?

Its the media job to ask questions--and it up to you to have those answers.

Make it easy on yourself, and your media contacts, by organizating all your data in one place.

In the old days, this used to be a giant binder filled with cast lists, mission statement, history, etc. Today, this information should be on your website and easy to reach by both you and the public.


• As the Public Relations person for your organization, you are the gatekeeper of everything your organization does.  Keeping clear, organized records will keep your media contacts happy and make your job easier.