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Habit 3: Nobody Talks to the Media without You


The Cone of Silence

When anybody joins your organization, whether it is simply a visiting lecturer, or your Artistic Director, they need to be informed in no uncertain terms that:

All contact with any media or outside media source must be approved by our Public Relations director. Failure to do so may result in termination of employment.

This is an extremely important message to get across to any organization you join.  YOU set up the interviews, YOU attend the interviews, YOU talk to the press.

Why is this so important?

1) If you are trying to "frame" a story--one wrong quote could send it out the window.

2) You may be working different stories to different outlets, a reporter contacts an actor and gets one of those stories you promised to someone else.

3) The employee they talk to might be disgruntled, or simply have the wrong information about a situation.

4) If reporters can speak to anyone at your organization, then they don't need to return your calls or emails.  They'll just "talk to Bob" about it.

5) TWITTER and FACEBOOK are media!  Remind your performers that anything published there is PUBLIC RECORD.


• You are the voice of your organization, all information that goes to the public MUST go through you.