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Habit 4: Always Be Reading



Part of your ever expanding job in PR is to keep up with the various media outlets in your area.  This used to be much easier before the arrival of the internet.   Perhaps your audience has discovered a new bog, or attraction site--or a whole new social network.

How many PR professionals got caught flat-footed when they realized that if they were trying to attract a younger demographic, they had to get their message on MYSPACE and not on MTV.

And then how many missed the MYSPACE to FACEBOOK exodus?

And are they missing the Google Plus movement?

You need to subscribe to newspapers and magazines in your area, but don't forget to constantly be scanning the web,  surfing television news channels, and even moving that dial around on your radio.

Plus, be an ACTIVE reader.  Just don't read the article and forget about it, makes notes on the author and SEND them a quick email praising their efforts.  People who provide content (no matter what the medium) love feedback, and sending a quick note that says:

Dear Jim,

Just read your article about the new exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center--very well thought out, glad we have someone your knowledge of modern art in the area and I look forward to reading more of your articles soon!


Chester Lee
Director of PR
Overture Theatre

There...just like that I made a contact. Now, I may never talk with Jim again, but there is a good chance our paths will cross, and he'll remember my little note, and I'll remember his article, and then we can move on to other links--like promoting my new show, or our new exhibition in our lobby space, etc.


• Take an hour every morning and read (even Saturday and Sundays)
• Respond to articles, write authors to tell them your opinion of the article.
• If you find a new medium, pursue it, contact the creators and get them on your press list.
• Use Search Engines to your advantage, search for things to do in your city--who comes up--thats who you need to read and contact.


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