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Active Participation


If the internet boom has taught us anything, is that people want to participate in the world around them.

Whether actively creating content such as blog posts, tweets, or status updates -- or even video and audio files -- there seems to be an overwhelming desire to "share their voice" with the rest of the internet.

Consider your daily activities online -- you read, you comment, you consider, you create.

Our current art structure is actually rather passive, you sit and watch, or you sit and listen.  It is one way communication -- which doesn't appeal to this new generation of active participants.

So how do we make the arts important again?  50 years ago it was the artists who worked to get a new message out there -- now, anyone with an internet connection can do it just as easy -- and reach an audience.

As arts administrators, we need to rethink a few things.  We need to ask ourselves WHY we are doing this, and WHO we are doing it for.  And most importantly, HOW do we get more people involved.