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How to set-up an Email Campaign


There are two variations, out of house (a service) or in-house.

Out of House Services
($30 a month for 20,000 emails)
(Unlimited email, charge by Subscriber)
(Charges by Email, Unlimited Lists)

A) Good for a low cost solution
B) Very hard to Track
C) Very hard to create Personalization
D) Very hard for creating data updates

Using Microsoft word (Provided by Marcus Glasgow)

Under Tools select Letters and Mailings, then Mail Merge. In the frame that opens to the right, select Email messages. Follow the directions given in this frame through six simple steps. In the final step, merge the data source with your email message by clicking Electronic Mail…. In the dialog box that opens, simply input the field from the data source that corresponds to the email addresses to which you would like to send the message; enter a subject line (because the subject line is everything); a mail format (HTML, attachment or plain text); and those records to whom you actually want to send the message. Click OK and message is sent.

One benefit of this option is that the mail merge sends all the messages separately. Instead of sending one message to 13 people, you’ll notice this message appears to have been sent to you and only you, thereby yielding all of the benefits of a personalized message with all of the convenience of a mass mailing. The corresponding drawback is that I now have 13 items in my Sent folder.