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Building Your Email list


How to build your email list from your organization:

• Train your box office to ask for Email Addresses
• Insert email Address slips into programs or gallery maps
• Activate a “Send to Friend” Feature on outgoing emails
• Create a Sign Up Computer Terminal in your Building
• Create a Viral Marketing Plan

Make sure that all options ask for permission to email patrons  information.  Example, “May we send you occasional discounts and specials for upcoming events?”

How to build your email list from your website:

• You do not need the sign up form on every page, nor should you use the words “Sign up for our Newsletter.”
• Create an image or text that will have people click to the email sign up page.  Example: Free Tickets!, or take a private gallery tour, or Discounts on Dining.
• Be very specific about the information you are going to send, how often you are going to send it, and how secure or private their information going to be.
• If you have a ticketing system, have a box that allows patrons to uncheck if they do not want information—but make sure it is checked by default.

Top Tips for Building Email List
1: Promise Them Content
2: Make It Easy to Join
3: Assure Their Privacy
4: Don’t Use Force
5: Don’t Ask for Too Much Information
6: Offer Rewards
7: Give Them More Choices (Offers vs Newsletter)
8: Develop a Relationship With Your Clients