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It's All About SUBJECT and FROM


For your email to be effective, it must be read.  And before your email is read, it is examined by the user before they open it.  For that they use two metrics--what is the SUBJECT and who is it FROM.

The Subject Line
• The Subject Line is the single most important sentence you will write.
• Subject lines MUST AVOID the magic words.
• You have about 5 to 6 words. Refrain from using News, or Newsletter, or Info, or anything that doesn’t promise something.
• The more vague, the better. However, Can-Spam Law does say that Subject Lines “may not be deceptive.”
• Email campaigns are about selling. Not opting. 

Examples of Subject Line and Read Rates  

National Bank will be closed on Labor Day  37%
Message from National Bank    68%

Bard Theatre Celebrates Birthday on July 12  22%
Are you free on July 12 for a birthday party?  73%

Fine Arts Museum offers Rodin Exhibit in June. 33%
The 11 Million Dollar Exhibit.   74%

Alabama News calls Othello “brash and brilliant!” 33%
You can’t always trust the critics.   84%

From Address

• Always try to use the same email address.
• Make sure you enter the “Name” of your company.
• Know that the majority of the time, users will see the name of your company and the subject.
• Make sure someone is checking that email for messages, bounces, and verifications.