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Your Organization Logo


Your Organization Logo

This is a must.  Your oganizational logo should appear as often as possible to help build brand awareness, on advertisements, brochures, website, business card, etc.

Your logo is one of the most valuable assets of an arts organization: an effective logo can mean more potent advertising and promotional material; an effective logo facilitates consistent document creation; an effective logo brands a memorable experience and affords legal protection; an effective logo influences the bottom-line.

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(Not to mention having a well-crafted organziational logo can increase sales in your gift shop!)

Tips for a Good Organizational Logo

• Include the name of your Arts Organization
• Does not include a motto or slogan. 
• Just one color or 2-color max
• Works in black and white
• Still works at very small Sizes, and poor resolutions
• Legible
• Does not use a standard font
• Probably uses a sans-serif font
• Attention should be paid to kerning ('kerning' means fine-tuning the letter-spacing)
• Original
• Relevant (to target audience)