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What is Microwooing?


Microwooing or Microtargeting is exactly what it sounds like.  As opposed to throwing a wide net using Mass Marketing techniques, you attempt to create one-on-one, or one-on-few relationships with select patrons.

Nowhere is this more apparent then on the web. Where communities spring out of the ground like grass.

For example, lets say your art gallery was doing an exhibit on Salvador Dali.  Of course you would pitch your message, or story, to your local arts editor and local press list.  But where else might interested patrons reside?

Lets look at some examples:

Perhaps you could post a message in Virtual Dali
Get a link from the Salvador Dali Museum 
Add a feature to 
Add a wiki to the Salvador Dali entry at wikipedia
Submit a listing to the archive for Dali at 
Comment on Dali blocs
Even put up a Dali video at you

Not only do all of these links increase your Search Engine placement (which we will be discussing in a later lesson) but you will be able to start cultivating ("microwooing") patrons who have an interest in the art you are presenting.

Too often, arts group concentrate "locally", which is not a bad thing depending on time and resources--and the majority of the time, your audience will be coming from within a 50 mile radius.  But, and this is a big but, just because they live locally does not mean they SURF locally.  

That potential audience member may get their news from an arts community in San Francisco, a blog from Germany, or spend their time surfing for news on may not even know the name of their local news anchor or subscribe to the daily paper.  The only way you will be able to reach them is through a campaign based on their interests.


• There is no such thing as a bad link to your site.  Get as many as you can.
• Target, target, target -- go surfing and find sites with similar interests to what you are presenting and pitch a story.
• Make sure you are ready to reciprocate links, and have your page up and ready to go.