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I don't care if it doesn't "look good" or your webmaster feels that it is not important, ideally I should be able to get any of the information below quickly and easily.

• No Phone Number
• No Hours/Dates of exhibits or performances (calendar)
• No Location with directions/maps
• No Prices
• No Address
• No Available parking maps/price/location

Where is the information?

Understanding Scenario Design and Personas

These two terms have come out of the whole "Web 2.0" movement. 

What’s important about these concepts? One size doesn’t fit all online. A persona is a device used to personify all those types of users who visit your site — really a fictitious person. That person has a back story, specific needs and goals, particular questions and unique pain points. If the site you work on doesn’t address the goals of that individual, then it fails.

The scenario puts that persona into a situation and tests out how well the pretend user can accomplish what he or she has set out to do. When persona Toddler-Mom goes to, how easily can she find that product she doesn’t know the name of vs. simply heading to the neighborhood bike shop on her next set of errands? Or Home-Office-Worker-Guy needs to wire airfare to his college son who’s stranded in Florida. Can let him do it before his son sticks out a thumb on the interchange? Those are scenarios.

Some Persona/Scenarios for Arts Websites

Mom of two teenagers wants to introduce her family to the symphony--what performance should she see? Does the site tell her? How easy is it for her to find that info?

A Group Leader of the Red Hat Ladies is looking for an experience for her Luncheon of 40 women.  How easily can she set up a group, select a performance, and have the individuals sign up for tickets?

A visiting salesman with an interest in the arts is looking to kill some time between client meetings.  He is wondering if he can visit your museum between his appointments downtown.

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