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Bad Linking


There is no excuse for bad linking.  Links that go to the wrong location, or simply use the wrong verbiage.  Not only is it frustrating to the user, but it also shows a lack of regard for your site.

Some examples of bad linking include:

• Copying and pasting press releases without using links
• Not using action words to describe links
• Not explaining what the user will find on the other end of the link

Lets take a look at these two examples:

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Now as these two examples are on their own, the adding of action words or explaining what the user will find at the end of the link do not seem important, but what happens when we add these links in the middle of text for a user to scan.

The combination of Adobe and Macromedia will provide customers a more powerful set of solutions for creating, managing and delivering compelling content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices and media. Together, the two companies will meet a wider set of customer needs and have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets, View upcoming lesson dates and times particularly in the mobile and enterprise segments.

"Customers are calling for integrated software solutions that enable them to create, manage and deliver a wide range of compelling content and applications – from documents and images to audio and video," said Bruce Chizen, Click here to see class schedule.  Chief executive officer of Adobe. "By combining our powerful development, authoring and collaboration software – along with the complementary functionality of PD and Flash – Adobe has the opportunity to bring this vision to life with an industry-defining technology platform."