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Beat the Spam Filter and Get Read


All emails go through a user series of tests.

• Spam filters on the server side that “score” each email to see if it should even be delivered.
• If it gets through the Spam filters, and into the in box the user reads the subject line.
• If still intrigued, they will look at the from address.
• If still interested, they will open and scan the first 1/3rd of email.
• If still interested, they will scroll to the end.
• Most at this point will either delete or keep.
• If they keep, they will go back and read the email and perhaps click to the landing page.

Beating the Spam Filters
• Ask patrons to add you to their address book.
• Try to avoid the “Magic Words” that trigger Spam filters. (see list)
• Sign up for Hotmail Account, Yahoo Account, MSN Account, and test send your message, and see if it is delivered or sent to the Junk folder.
Visit  here and tryout your own Spam Score.