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Design Your Email


So you have your email list, and you have created a great subject, now comes the time for you to design your email.  Most of the time you will have to create two versions--a TEXT ONLY version as well as an HTML version.

Design Tips

1) Your email should be about getting patrons to a landing page. Make sure the landing page reinforces the message of the email.

2) Your email needs to be about a specific subject or offer. Don’t try to “combine” offers and news.

3) One photo, two paragraphs. Do not overwhelm me.

4) Get to the point early. I don’t have time to figure it out—there is a very good chance that I am at work.

5) Keep an eye on linkage. One strong Call to Action is better then 10 little ones.

6) Your text message is just as important as your HTML message. Take the time to write good copy.

7) Personalization increases click-through rates.

8) All emails MUST include the following:
• Your Postal Address
• An Unsubscribe Link
• Update your Information Link  

9) Time sensitive offers work better than passive ones. Make your email promote the activity you want. Offer Incentives to make me click.

10)  Experiment.