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Sending your Email


Send Dates and Times to send your email

Best times/days for Emails to be read:
1 PM to 3 PM
Tues, Wed, Thurs

• Inbox tends to be clean.
• Most people use work accounts.
• There is an lull-after lunch when they are not quite ready to get back to work.
• Friday and Monday have become our busiest days.

 Track, Track and Track some more.

You need to keep a running campaign report for every email campaign. Which includes the following info:

Open Rate   (Avg: 32%)
Bounce Rate  (Avg: 5%)
Click-Through Rate (Avg: 2%)
Unsubscribe Rate (Avg: 1%)

Immediately remove Unsubscribes, and keep an eye on bounces.

A clean list is a cost effective list.