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Set your Style


If your arts organization does not already have a style guide, it is time to create one.

Style guides are the marketing bible from which all of your design elements (brochure, web site, business cards, programs, etc) all spring from.

At the very least it needs to include:

Your logo implementation.
How your logo can be used, the variations, can it be reversed, the amount of space need vertically/horizontally.

Your color scheme
Usually your colors derive from your logo.  So a red and black logo results in a red and black color scheme.  However, you should extend that to include the Pantone colors of your logo, and any variations of colors that are acceptable. (See the wheel above for an example of color scheme. ) 

• Your Fonts
Pick a primary font (and two secondary)  that you love and stay with it.  These are the fonts that you will use in all of your advertising, letters, on the website, etc.  I wouldn't recommend anything to flowery--but make everyone stick to the fonts you choose.

• Your Style Rules
Are you a Theatre or a Theater
• Are you The Dance Theatre of Harlem or Dance Theatre of Harlem
When you give dates for performances are they abbreviated? Aug 1-12, or August 1-12, or 8/1-8/12

By creating a style guide you are sharing your vision of how your arts organization should be represented to not just everyone in your organization, but every vendor you work with, and every person who comes into contact with your organization.