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Multitasking and Info Overload


In a 2005 Redbook magazine poll of 1,000 women, a majority actually preferred time to money. In our info-saturated, multitasking lives, time is the new currency. 

Why such an increase in devices such as Tivo or IPods? The simple answer is because they are Time-Shifting devices--they give us what we want, WHEN we want it.

Barraged by more information than we can ever hope to absorb, we have what Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy, refers to as a process crisis —how do we get the wisdom out of all the data with the least amount of time investment?

To effectively filter and communicate relevant data to a specific consumer, arts groups will need to be well versed in the art and science of  translating and delivering information.

If you are planning to get me to come to your performance it better be worth my time.  And you better be able to provide me with specific reasons why I should go.  Reasons that appeal to me personally--not reasons that should appeal to everybody.'s highly developed preferences filtering keeps track of your interests, making recommendations based on your ever-growing profile, providing product reviews, updating daily a customized list of the newest and coolest products customers are buying—essentially creating a personal shopper to save you time.