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The Aging of America


The aging baby boomers, will completely redefine what "old" and "aging" means.

With the average American now living about 30 years longer than 100 years ago, what's considered old? What's considered middle-aged, for that matter? If your arts group rely on the stereotypical notions of older as an uncool, has-been demographic, they'll perish.

The arts had better get on board with this new demographic, they are active, they are involved, and they have varied opinions and attitudes.  No longer can we say "our patrons would never want to see an electric guitar in our symphony", oh really? Most of your patrons could have been at Woodstock!

The aging baby boomer could be a shot in the arm for most arts groups, they are dynamic, have money, and are looking to get involved.  Embrace them, challenge them, they are ready for it.