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Video News Release (VNR)


Too often Arts PR Directors concentrate on the printed press, which is a bit silly since people who are reading the arts press in your community are probably already well aware of your production/gallery.

The real gains to be made in public awareness for your production are on the video news show.  Not only should you constantly be pitching the morning news shows for interviews, but you should consider putting together your own video package (or Video News Release).


Again, think like a reporter.  You may even wish to hire a local TV reporter as a "consultant"  to help you shoot and edit your story.   Find an interesting angle, shoot some solid footage, and edit it into a two to three minute package.  You may even wish to include a script for on-air anchors to read, or voice over. 

At the very least, having quality footage on BETA tape (check with producers for format) of your gallery or performance will help in making any interviews you schedule more interesting to producers.  This way, while your artist is being interviewed by the press, the control room can switch to your B-roll--making the segment much more enticing for viewers--and almost guaranteeing you a chance to return for future promotions.

Supplying the video to your local news stations will also help your event on their Community Calendar listings--broadcast directors hate static graphics during their programs, and if they can show video of your event (with a lower third) chances are they will.

Finally, by having a library of video footage of your event--you will be able to convert it for online video use, use it for future promotions, or even to edit for a PSA or advertisement.

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