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Social Media is the Key to Attracting an Audience


It's hard to imagine that Facebook has only been around Since 2004.

Facebook is an Arts Marketer's dream.  An application that 20 years ago we could not even imagine.

The brilliance of Facebook Platform is that it greatly expanded what people could do on social networks. The problem is that what people do is still pretty limited. Take a look at the top applications on Facebook – they can be roughly grouped into

1) managing/comparing/interacting with friends in a general context;
2) self-expression (FunWall, Bumper Sticker);
3) games
4) media preferences (iLike, Flikster).

These are all fun and interesting, but they only begin to scratch the surface of what I do every day.

The biggest hole and opportunity, IMHO, is shopping. I research and buy things online every day, and with rare exception, these activities take place outside of Facebook. Social networks don’t figure into my shopping experiences.

Going to the Arts is a SOCIAL EXPERIENCE.  If you just want to be entertained by yourself, just visit a website or rent a DVD.

Arts Groups need to get on board with this, and make it simple for me to

a) show interest in a performance
b) have my friends and I pick a performance date
c) each pay for thier own tickets
d) all sit together.

Imagine the possibilities.