Internet Marketing & Public Relations for the Arts

lessons for promoting your arts organization on the web.

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My Final Commandments


We have gone all over a great deal of material in the past 10 weeks, so here is what I want you to remember for successfully selling your arts group online.

1) Keep Calendar Listings Up to Date

2) Make Sure Anyone Who Speaks with the Public is Selling your Art, not their opinion.

3) Invest in good art for your productions (a great photo can sell a show).

4) Make sure your website is up to date, and make sure it works on Mobile devices.

5) Find as many channels as possible to spread the word about your show. Blogs, Sites, Groups --go where your audience is.

6) A good promotion can fill a house.

7) A good promotion does not neccessarily mean a discount.

8) Word of mouth will be responsible for nearly 70% of your single ticket sales -- leverage social media to increase it.

9) Your database of patrons and donors is the single most important asset of your organization. Treat it with respect for the person who follows you and BACK IT UP.

10) Everything I taught you will be obsolete. It may be 20 years from now (or next year) but nothing is set in stone. You don't have to "keep up", you just have to "keep open".